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Presented by Angie Dodge,
Founder & CEO at A Squared Personal Consulting

As a benevolent leader, it is important to understand that you cannot know everything about every individual in your team. While work may be the center of your life, your team members may have different priorities such as taking care of their family, spouse, children, or other personal commitments. It is crucial to respect their individuality and recognize that they have a life outside of work. Therefore, setting unrealistic expectations for your team to always prioritize work over everything else is not fair. It is important to understand their situations and appreciate them as individuals with unique lives and priorities.

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ABCs of Successful Leadership

Setting The Standard:
Women in Business Leading With Value


Achieve Your Goals

Over 13 weeks, we'll guide you through the alphabet of leadership, teaching you two critical leadership concepts each week. These lessons are delivered in an engaging one-hour webinar, allowing you to learn at your own pace.


Practical Resources

We provide you with a wealth of resources, including worksheets, an informative ebook, and a branded journal. These tools will help you apply your newfound knowledge in practical ways.


Individualized Coaching

Discover personalized coaching services for one-on-one leadership guidance with an exclusive discount for members only! Elevate your leadership skills today.


Comprehensive Support

Invitation to our exclusive Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow leaders, share insights and gain valuable support. Plus, you'll be able to interact with our expert instructor in monthly live sessions, addressing your questions and concerns.


Voxer Communication

Need quick answers to your leadership questions? Voxer communication allows you to ask up to four monthly questions. It's a valuable resource for those seeking personalized guidance.


Pricing Options

Available for a one-time payment of $1,299, but if you're ready to commit and pay upfront, you'll enjoy a special discount, bringing the cost down to just $1,200. We believe in rewarding commitment.

Join us on the journey to becoming a successful leader!

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