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You've got stuff to-do? Angie gets it done.

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Get the level of high quality experience you need

With over 15 years of experience working with c-suite executives, Angie provides help at whatever level you need - from the most hands-on support to those everyday tasks that just need to get done

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Who is Angie?

Angie has over 15 years of Executive Assistant experience. Having worked with clients of all sizes, Angie is passionate about discovering what "getting it done" looks like for each project - and then delivering!




Beena: Regional Executive, Bank of America

A Squared's passion and enthusiasm is contagious and has really made a difference in my personal and professional life. Angie's extensive knowledge of calendar management, process improvement, and general office knowledge created a new and enthusiastic work environment for myself and my team. She often took the initiative to own and manage difficult and time consuming projects. The relationships that Angie established with my team helped us to become more efficient and successful.  I truly believe part of the reason for my own success is because I had A Squared Personal Consulting to support me.


Jason: Corporate Senior Vice President

A Squared Personal Consulting raised the bar in several areas including HR, professional development, career path, and overall employee morale. The team's energy and passion for helping others is contagious and refreshing. The combination of Angie's attitude and unique skill set would prove to be valuable in any professional setting. An "immediate impact" colleague across several departmental functions that was an absolute pleasure to work with.


Vincent Brown: CEO & President, V. Randolph Brown Consulting

A Squared Personal Consulting has now been supporting my team for over two years. Their level of efficiency, effectiveness, and client relations is unprecedented. I can always count on Angie to get things done, and she always goes above and beyond. Angie took the time to truly understand how I like to have things done and my business needs, which has allowed her to be proactive and complete things before I even ask for them. A Squared would be a value and asset to any company.


Andrew: Vice President - Client Development

Angie was one of the most professional, driven, and empathetic HR professionals I have ever had the chance to work with. She is culture and results-driven. She always had my back, and her skillset spans from management of executives to management of employees to the institution of organization-wide culture initiatives

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